Welcome to Southern Utah!
Saint George City is located in the south western tip of Utah. This is one of the most beautiful places to ride in the western USA. Within a short distance, often less than a 2 hour ride, you can experience deserts, mountains, lakes and varied rock formations that traverse the color spectrum!
Zion National Park
Less than an hour to the entrance.
Fee required.
Grand Canyon
  A 2 1/2 hour ride with several nice side trips possible along the way.
Cedar Breaks
  Located high in the mountains east of Cedar City, Utah, Cedar Breaks provides breath taking views.
Fee required.
Gunlock Reservoir
  Less than 30 minutes from town. This is a nice ride.
Pine Valley
Traveling north on highway 18, Pine Valley is a 90 minute ride from town, located within the Dixie National Forest.
  SR-89 is a highway traveling north/south. We often travel through Zion National Park eastward, then ride along SR-89 to enjoy the back country. SR-89 is near Zion, Bryce and other interesting sights.
Torrey/Capital Reef/Fish Lake
  Approximately 3 hours away with a variety of places to ride and things to see. The home page background photo was taken in Capital Reef National Park.